Windows 8 Developer Preview – Under the hood of COM

The first sample application started showing a COM exception while launching the designer.

IUnknown::Release, IUnknown::Release, IUnknown::Release, … stay tuned

IVisual2011Ptr visualInstance(CLSID_VS2011);
HRESULT res = visualInstance->get_IsSolidRock(&solidRock);
if (SUCCEEDED(res) && solidRock == VARIANT_TRUE)
    wcout << L"VS 2011 is solid rock!" << endl;
    if (FAILED(res))
        wcout << L"The error code " << res << L" is proudly presented by your interop developer of choice." << endl;
        wcout << L"VS 2011 is just a developer preview!" << endl;

COM Exception in Designer View

About Jan Tschada

Software engineer from Germany
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