Building boost on linux

A valid gcc toolchain is required.

Build or obtain the bjam build tool e.g. using a package manager.


Download the boost sources ( and extract them into a folder e.g. /developer/src/boost in the following refered as $SOURCES. Copy the bjam build tool from /usr/bin/ into the $SOURCES folder.

Modify the configuration files as needed. For instance, the $SOURCES/ file to the following. Make sure you have write permissions to the lib folder.



Mark the $SOURCES/ and the $SOURCES/tools/build/v2/engine/ as executable.

chmod +x

Otherwise calling the leads to a “permission denied” error!

Execute … happy compiling – be patient
…failed updating 60 targets…
…skipped 12 targets…
…updated 875 targets…

After that, run ./bjam install. E.G. you can specify the adress model by using address-model=64 for 64 Bit.
…failed updating 60 targets…
…skipped 12 targets…
…updated 9731 targets…