Lead or bleed

While I was doing a little research browsing the web I found the categories of the Technology Radar from Thoughtworks the most helpful.

I do not want to call it separate DevOps teams, but usually we are delegating everything about IT services to the Service Desk and get an automated incident number back. We need to show some more love and just use the existing software center and Self Service Desk for deploying our tools and applications to our testbeds.

It is very common to use branching like a kind of tagging. We should focus much more on branch early and often.

Products over projects is a tough pattern. Usually you ran directly into the fist of one of the sales member. Projects are a kind of short and mid term solution to satisfy the customers needs. Kickoff, iteration cycles, Kickdown, get your payment and done! We have to work better on the epics and stories for the long term solution a.k.a. products.

Too many platforms, languages and frameworks. You can always get your hands dirty with bleeding edge technologies. We should investigate much more into this areas, lets do some knowledge work.

Score Hold Greyzone Adopt
-2 Separate DevOps Teams,
QA in Production,
NPM for all the things,
Docker for builds
Products over Projects,
Threat Modelling
-1 Remote Development Environment REST-assured,
-1 Application Servers Apache Mesos,
Apache Spark,
Cloudera Impala,
CoreCLR & CoreFX,
Nano Server,
Time series databases
Two-Factor Authentication
Languages & Frameworks
0 Objective-C ECMAScript 6,

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